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Based on the extensive experience in sales management, Blue Idea launched distribution department. From the beginning, we have mission of promoting healthy food with good quality. Because we love challenges, we created a Nowe Lowe brand.


Nowe Lowe distribution department, comprehensively lead entire project. We carry out each task, from the vision to products in groceries shops; from concept to our customers training with specialized coaching staff.In our department we employ experienced sales representatives who daily held meetings with clients, ensuring that our products are easily accessible.

New Lowe focus on lifestyle changes. We have a holistic approach to human health, so we offer not only healthy food, but also personal training and dietary supplements.
“Break old habits with Nowe Lowe” - we help breaks bad habits and start a new healthy life, full of challenges with a daily dose of motivation.


Our job is our passion. Nowe Lowe is your leader to a healthy life style. Our mission is help to find a compromise between what is healthy and good for us and what we like, but it is not always valuable for us.

By offering personal training, superfood products, tips and recipes we would like to:

  • show that healthy eating and a balanced diet is within reach of every hand
  • help realize the dream of a slim silhouette
  • show simple recipes That do not cause remorse
  • motivate, motivate and motivate!



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