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Recruitment with FRIS

Recruitment with FRIS

Our firm offers recruitment service both on individual orders of our Clients and Consulting Service or Outsourcing of Sale Forces. We have experienced team in the field of recruitment, having proper psychological and managerial background.


Why psychometric examination of the Candidate or Worker is helpful in the recruitment process?

I. It allows to describe Candidates’ way of thinking and acting in an easy and objective way.

It is necessary to remember that psychometric examination does not typecast, it only gives information for the Employer; how the Candidate absorbs, processes and reacts on information, in consequence - how the Candidate realises particular task/project.
Thanks to this analysis we are able to determine how the Candidate is prepared for the challenges waiting for him in the new working environment.


How Employer can use knowledge about the Candidate in a practical way?

II. FRIS Analysis gives the Employer or the Manager precised, appropriable knowledge, for example: how to match accustom process of a new employee by adjusting it to individual way of thinking. Moreover, it can be a perfect way of helping the management in realisation of some projects or building motivational system for employees. This knowledge can be also helpful in solving or preventing most frequent managers’ problems with their team, for example: communication issues between co-workers, determining goals/deadlines, organising and planning the work time, or issues with the realisation of tasks.


FRIS analysis is moving beyond area of the Candidates’ competences and skills included in references or CV. Individual report about the Candidate helps while making a decision in case of Clients’ indecision, especially when Candidates have similar skills. Analysis shows Candidates in a different light, and highlights the differences.

We know from our experience, that FRIS analysis perfectly stacks up not only in recruitment.

We can talk a lot about possibilities and advantages, but you will receive even more information from our specialists. Contact us!


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