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Building teams


Building teams

Map of team – FRIS team report.

It is a valuable collection of information for Manager, which can be used in building effectively cooperating team.
Team report, above all, gives clear image of the stages of project during which there may occur some kind of difficulties, and what kind of support team members may need. Additionally, it makes possible to discover potential of whole team, as well as to highlight the strengths of individual members of it.

Report shows on which stage of project the Worker is engaging enthusiastically, whether it is the initiating stage (conception, vision, strategy), preparing (analysing, planning), or acting (tasks, goals, cooperation or engaging).


Team map is a perfect indicator for management, which can be used in various ways:​


effective communication and cooperation in teams

using individual potential of team members

possibility to optimise delegated tasks

determining elements which unite and/or divide the team

recruiting candidates which are the best for the existing team


→ practice effect
Correct ordering of tasks, in accordance with competences, predispositions and intentions of Employees.


As a Manager, you will look on your employees from different perspective, you will understand how they:

  • define goals and what results do they expect,
  • gain and interpret information,
  • make choices and decisions,
  • imply other people to their acts,
  • determine and express their attitude,
  • act up against problems.


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