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The projects we implement for our clients relate to activities related to business consulting and research services conducted on the European and Eurasian markets (Russian-language and Armenian market).



Our goal is to provide the client with expert knowledge leading to the implementation of practical solutions and an effective business strategy. We specialize in qualitative research aimed at in-depth market analysis supported by conversations with potential recipients of products or services. We provide our clients with selected services, which is why we do not carry out mass projects.

As part of the CONSULTING service, we realize:
Market Research research for IT products.
Deepening the analysis of the Market Research market, consisting in attempting to sell IT products.
Creating R&D units in Armenia. The unit may include programmers, scientists, sales structures and product support.
Restructuring of sales departments.
Recruitment for specialist and managerial positions.
Economic consulting - defining the company's development strategy.

Consulting in sport

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