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Bussiness consulting in Armenia.

To our consulting business services we add business consulting in Armenia. 


Why Armenia?
It is country very close to us with big developement potential, which can be used in Polish business.

Probably you do not know everything about Armenia, we're giving you opportunity to explore the business potential of these country.
Why your comapny should arise in Armenia?
Business potential:
1. From 2015 Armenia belongs to the Eurasian Economic Union.
2. This is independent country from 1991, from this time Armenia rapidly developing its statehood and invests in development.
3. Since 1991, Armenia belongs to the Commonwealth of Independent States.
4. Since 2001 Armenia is a full member of the Council of Europe.
5. In 2005, there was the amendment of Constitution – chainging Armenia’s system form presidential republic to parliamentary republic.
6. Population of Armenia - 3.1 million inhabitants.

Armenian market is open to new investment. We will help you analyze the potential of this country for your business.


As a part of our consulting services we offer:
1. Legal services through the Polish and Armenian legal office.
2. Market research for your trade in Armenia.
3. Recruitment of Workers of different specializations.
4. Organization sales network of your products in Armenia.
5. Support  import and export of products from Armenia.
6. Companies registration in Armenia.


A few interesting facts about Armenia: 
1. Armenia was the first country, which in 301 year adopted Christianity as a state religion – this  is earlier than Rome.
2. Lake Sevan is 50% larger than Lake Balaton, is located at 1,900 m.n.p.m - like our Giewont.
3. Traditional armenian food is lavash, was included as an element of culture of Armenia on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.
4. Armenia offers a huge selection of groats, vegetables, dried fruits and juices, which are very popular in Poland.
5. Armenia has strong connections with Poland starting from 1367 when they received first privileges from King Kazimierz Wielki. This yer we have 650 anniversary of granting first privileges of Polish Orins. They suport us in historical events like the Battle of Grunwald (1410) or Battle of Vienna (1683).
6. They took part in creating polish culture Zbigniew Herbert (writer), Ignacy Lukasiewicz (inventor) and archbishop Izaak Mikolaj Isakowicz. 

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