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Consulting. Business counselling 

We aim at supporting our Clients in the process of company management and at counselling in order to improve efficiency of the conducted activities. We treat each project individually and adjust the proposed activities to the needs and expectations of Clients. Our Specialists possess extensive experience in managing sales teams and conducing either organizational as well as competency (labour) audit projects.

In case of cooperation in the field of business counselling, our Clients gain a detailed knowledge of the company’s strengths as well as areas to be improved. As a result of audits conducted by our specialists, Clients gain knowledge that enables them to plan and implement changes in specific areas in the company. Those changes help to eliminate processes causing losses in the overall functioning of the organization. Our activities are focused on optimizing all the company’s elements.




Organizational audit:


1. Definition of areas that undergo the audit. At this stage, together with the Commissioning Party, we agree on the scope of observation, i.e. the areas that we focus the most attention on.

2. Conducting the audit, i.e. observation of the areas determined with a Client.

3. Preparing the raport assessing an indicated structure – strengths and weaknesses.

4. Preparing the suggestion of an action plan.

5. Preparing the implementation plan of the suggested solutions.

Within the scope of individual agreements with a Client, the participation in the implementation of the suggested solutions. 




Competency audit:

It is addressed to Employees/Managers who are interested in professional development of their Employees. It aims at the increase in the undertaken activities efficiency. It includes most of all the assessment of professional competencies that are required on the particular post. Before conducting the audit, we create or update the description of a post by matching it to the Employee’s activity profile.
The competency audit’s summary is the report describing the Employee’s strengths and areas that demand improvement. Due to this, the company gains a motivated and conscious Employee, whose progress in work duties could be easily observed. 


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