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IT outsourcing

Run IT in Armenia – outsourcing of IT specialists


In times of the growing challenges on the IT market, we support companies when it is not easy to access specialists or when it is difficult to recruit as well as in cases of numerous orders.   

Within the service, we propose our Clients:

1. Outsourcing of programmers – we provide a team of programmers ready to fulfill the commissioned tasks the implementation of which is supervised by the Client. We charge monthly for the work done in Polish zloty. The price of service depends on the number of programmers and project’s specificity.

  • In our offer, we posses specialists fluent in the majority of programming languages and therefore we can provide our Clients with a wide range of IT services.
  • After receiving the question on specification and quantitative demand, we search among our workers for the best programmers to fulfill the particular task.
  • We offer cooperation with specialists and support the whole process of project implementation. The Client manages the team of people fluent in English.    


2. Projects outsourcing – conducting projects on request.

  • After determining product’s specification, we select the best design team and carry out the valuation.
  • Our specialists work on the solution in specified time and provide a ready product.


At place in Armenia, we employ a person, who supervises all the projects of our Clients. Because we take care of high standard of service, we invite to cooperation only top specialists from IT field in Armenia.


Additionally, we are an official representative of Business Armenia Foundation, Armenian institution supporting investors.




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