Outsourcing of Sales Forces

The service connected with Outsourcing of Sales Forces is present in our offer due to our Clients’ needs. This cooperation is based on comprehensive organization and creation of direct sales structures.

Two models of outsourcing according to Blue Idea:

1. Outsourcing of Sales Forces – i.e. building and managing the Client’s product/service sales by Sales Representatives employed by Blue Idea
2. Managing the existing sales department – managing the Sales Representatives’ work or restructuring the sales department in a Client’s firm by Blue Idea Managers.

The team of specialists, who are responsible for implementing outsourcing projects, are managers with extensive experience in management and reorganization of sales structures. In case of cooperation in the Outsourcing of Sales Forces model (1), we build for our Clients the sales teams dedicated for the indicated project. The only exception is the FMCG sector in which a Client can use the existing network of salespersons employed in Blue Idea. For more details see the Distribution section.

Within the Outsourcing of Sales Forces service :

  •   We conduct recruitment of new Employees with regards to qualifications required in a Client's sector
  •   We conduct necessary sales/ product trainings 
  •   We design and implement marketing strategy for the newly created trade department 
  •   We manage the sales department
  •   We prepare the employees' assessment systems
  •   We prepare periodic rapports summerising the activities undertaken in the project
  •   We comprehensively manage the vehicle fleet and the tools necessary to work

Why is it a good idea to choose Outsourcing of Sales Forces?
According to our clients, the service of Outsourcing of Sales Forces saves time and money. By entrusting us with the management of sales forces, Clients can focus on perfecting their product/ service and developing the company.


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